About Us

In Roman mythology, Juno and Jove ruled as the divine queen and king of all gods. Juno served as an important representative of morality in the daily lives of the Roman citizenry. Jove provided law and social order, but was often led astray by his ultimate desires to possess only the very best of everything. Thus, we find in Juno and Jove the marriage of morality and quality. Change starts with choice, and Juno & Jove offers opportunities for consumers to actively participate in a revolution of personal values and alternative styles. Launched in 2006, Juno & Jove has emerged as a premier shopping destination for the socially conscious consumer. Along with a focus on consumer education, Juno & Jove strives to create a sustainable lifestyle by offering clients consciously crafted products from brands that embody social and environmental responsibility. The team at Juno & Jove has carefully chosen designers based on high standards in both outstanding craftsmanship, as well as socially responsible corporate practices. Merchandise is selected for its construction quality, design aesthetics, durability, material content, maintenance, and practicality.

Juno & Jove believes in encouraging individuals to minimize their negative effects on the world by emphasizing their positive footprint. By offering a broad range of lifestyle products, including those which are: made in the US, contain organic fabrics, employ fair trade principles, locally sourced, vegan, handmade, recycled and repurposed, Juno & Jove provides consumers with various opportunities and levels in which to participate.

Juno & Jove actively supports companies that understand business should respect a balance between people, planet and profit. They have chosen to search for and represent the best of the best, and to share their knowledge and sensibilities with their clients.

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